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PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems & Micro-Grid

Embark on a transformative journey toward sustainable energy with our comprehensive suite of PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), and Micro-Grid services.

Our process begins with a meticulous site assessment, where we scrutinise geographical, environmental, and technical facets to ensure optimal suitability for your PV, BESS or Micro-Grid project. Delving deeper into detailed feasibility studies, we evaluate critical factors such as sunlight exposure, local regulations, and grid connectivity, laying the groundwork for a successful project delivery.

Navigating the complex planning and permitting landscape is the next crucial step. We proactively engage with local authorities, conducting essential environmental assessments to secure the necessary approvals. With permits in hand, we seamlessly transition to the design and build phase. Here, we prepare tenders for the selected EPC & ICP contractors, ensuring alignment with industry best practices and environmental standards.

Our commitment extends beyond the initial phases to encompass post-tender management. We meticulously oversee contracts and project delivery, guaranteeing compliance, efficiency, and unwavering quality right up to the final handover.

Site Assessment

Our initial step involves a thorough assessment of the site. This will include a detailed analysis of the geographical, environmental, and technical factors that may impact the suitability of the location for a solar farm.

Feasibility Study

We will perform a detailed feasibility study, considering factors such as sunlight exposure, local regulations, and grid connectivity to determine the potential for a successful solar project.

Planning and Permitting

Once we establish the viability of the project, we will initiate the planning and permitting process. This includes engagement with the local council, environmental assessments, and the submission of necessary applications.

Design and Build

Upon receiving the required permits, we will prepare the initial design and prepare a tender on behalf of the client to procure an EPC & ICP contractor to design and build the solar farm and to ensure that the solar farm aligns with industry best practices and environmental standards. After confirming the Preferred Bidder - EPC & ICP – Self Gen Energy will manage post-tender responsibilities, including: 

    • Contract Management: Ensuring that contracts align with desired outcomes, and the terms and conditions outlined in the tender documentation. We will also review, manage, and address any variations to the contract.
    • Project Management and Oversight: Overseeing EPC & ICP delivery to ensure compliance with the agreed design and adoption requirements. This includes monitoring testing, commissioning, and handover.


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